Leigh Moffat

017687 73449

Keswick, Cumbria


Many customers come to me with 'off-the-peg' dresses they have bought – I am very happy to work on alterations/ embellishments to give a dress a personal touch or design flourish, or make it fit perfectly.

In the past I have added beading, buttons, draping, converted strapless to strapped, taken in, let out, taken up , let name it, I’ve been asked to do it.....!

My prices reflect the fact that I am a skilled artisan working in a developed country – I will never be able to compete on price with large scale dressmaking operations in Eastern Europe and China, nor often with off the peg designs for sale in UK dress retailers. I am seeing an increasing number of eBay bought dresses from the East, often bought very cheaply.

The quality and particularly sizing of off-the peg garments varies widely – I will need to see the garment itself up close before I can make a judgement on whether or not I can work on it/ alter it to fit etc. Please do not buy a dress assuming it will be possible to alter it – some come with very(!) minimal seam allowances and cannot be let out any further.

With very cheap dresses you may also find that the cost of alteration and/or embellishment may exceed the cost of the dress itself...!

All kinds of accessories, hats, fascinators, masks, corsages etc can be made to compliment an exisiting outfit, one I am making for you, or just because you want them!