Leigh Moffat

017687 73449

Keswick, Cumbria


While I can make dresses to ‘standard size’ – this never guarantees a garment will fit. On a first consultation you may provide me with some design ideas, pictures etc, then at a second more detailed consultation I will provide some sketch ideas, range of fabric samples for you to choose from. (I source from quality UK fabric suppliers) At this stage we can come up with a ‘final’ design; although I often find that customers ideas do change a little during the making process and am completely flexible with this.

I will then take your measurements and construct a ‘toile’ or ‘mock’ garment from calico fabric – we then may have one or several additional fittings to ensure this garment fits perfectly. I then make the finished garment using the toile as a pattern, and we will have a fitting or two during this process to ensure that the finished garment will fit, is to your liking, and is of course what you were looking for!

During this process I will ask you to try to maintain a steady weight – any additional alterations may be difficult, time consuming and costly, but if this is a possibility in your case we can look at designs that might allow for a bit more movement in weight, eg laced corsets etc.

I have had customers for whom one or two fittings is fine, also some for whom seven or eight fittings have been necessary...! If you have a special date to meet for your outfit you MUST be available for fittings on roughly the dates I request, or you may find we run out of time!!! As with any job working to a deadline – the earlier you come to see me the better.

I have also dealt with customers whose design ideas have changed completely half way through the process – while I am totally happy to alter designs or even start over again – this does require time and additional cost. Ultimately we will try to get the perfect design for your outfit right from the outset.