Leigh Moffat

017687 73449

Keswick, Cumbria


The price of your outfit depends on a wide range of factors: fabrics chosen, detailing, garment construction eg corseting etc, BUT as a VERY rough guide:


Wedding dresses start from around £1000

Bridesmaids dresses start from around £300

Prom dresses from around £350

An evening dress/ mother of bride from around £400

Embellishments/ alterations from £50 upwards

Accessories from £50 upwards


I can give a rough idea of price after our first consultation, and be more specific once we have chosen fabrics and finalised the design, detailing etc.

My regular customers find that once I have built up a basic set of pattern blocks for their body shape and size (assuming it does not change radically) the price of additional outfits reduces considerably.

I work on a payment on delivery basis; to book me for your outfit you will need to provide a £150 deposit, 50% of the estimated cost when I begin making the final outfit, and full payment upon collection of the final outfit.